Utilizing an incredible variety of artistic disciplines, including storytelling, song-writing, animation, music (instrumental & vocal), Kodály music instruction, fiddle group, drumming, dance, pottery, film-making, painting, drawing, paper mâché, murals, music therapy, drama, environmental education, astronomy and local history, Ptarmigan develops its programs to meet the needs and interests of specific audiences such as children, seniors and people with disabilities.

Ptarmigan’s programs, workshops and performances are presented in broad range of accessible community venues, including schools, libraries, hospitals, day care facilities, seniors’ residences, community halls and summer camps. In the true spirit of community building, we collaborate with a broad range of community organizations that share similar interests, including the Gulf Islands School Board, Parks Canada, and the GIFTS centre on Salt Spring Island for special needs youth, amongst many others. In addition, we also celebrate the cultural heritage of the Gulf Islands with community concerts and art shows throughout the year.

To ensure that our workshops and events are non-discriminatory, the Ptarmigan Society strives to make our programs affordable, as often as possible. As result, we rely on donations from government agencies, corporate sponsors and private individuals to support us in our ongoing operations.

We appreciate your interest and invite you to contact us with any questions, as well as to join in on the fun at one of our upcoming events so you can experience the magic first-hand!

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