Introducing New Ptarmigan Team Member – Sabrina Werbowski

We’ve been adding names to our roster of amazing artists and artist-facilitators…Carlee Bishop and Kevin Rust in Victoria and now a fellow Pendrite, Sabrina Werbowski, who joins us to facilitate a 10 week Music Theory For Beginners program starting Oct. 20th.

Sabrina is already a beloved piano teacher here on the island and brings with her over 12 years music teaching experience through the Royal Conservatory of Music, specializing in Music Theory. She is also singing and sometimes playing with the Pender Island Community Choir, and is thrilled to be able to bring back a beginner’s music theory course since putting on her own program last year quite successfully. 

I asked her a couple of questions about the Music Theory For Beginners, and thought I would share her answers here for anyone wishing to know more about what they would be signing up for…

Q: Why do you think offering a Music Theory For Beginners program is important?

A: I feel Music Theory is the backbone of any strong understanding to music.  Whether you enjoy just listening to music, singing at home, singing in a choir or have played an instrument for years, this course will help you build a foundation in understanding key aspects of the elements of music: rhythm, melody and harmony.

Q: What kinds of things will the students be learning over the 10 weeks? A: Pitch – Accidentals, landmark note patterns and note names on the grand staff. Scales – Major and minor pentascales Triads- Solid and broken chord patterns Rhythm – Simple time, basic beat, pulse, notes and rests Intervals – distance between notes, harmonic and melodic notes We will also learn stem direction, dynamics, articulation, Italian music terms symbols and signs. Q: Will there be ways to keep going after the 10 weeks? A: My goal would be that if this course is a success, there could be a following intermediate course and then a final advanced course.  We are going to touch on basic music theory in this course, however if people are wanting to learn more and keep up the class, we could offer other classes 🙂  If there is a need for teenagers perhaps that may need help with theory alongside of band or private music lessons, I would be into that as well 🙂 Sabrina will be providing the handouts needed for each class, and will also have the option to make a full textbook available to anyone who wishes to purchase one in addition to their class fees. Register here if you would like to be part of this program. And to Sabrina, welcome! The Ptarmigan team love adding fresh new faces to our roster of talent, and you are no exception.

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